Lowe Boats

Lowe Puts Fish-ability and Comfort Above All Else.


Since 1971, Lowe has been the brand to beat in the aluminum boat industry.

J.B. Appleby, the father of aluminum boating, started crafting his revolutionary boats in Lebanon, Missouri. His daughter and son-in-law took over the family business in 1971, and Lowe Boats was born. Many of the standard features you find in other aluminum and pontoon boats were first developed by Lowe.

Innovations in the Lowe line include the tough-as-nails Roughneck series and the simple and spacious Deep-V pontoon design. 

Lowe puts fish-ability and comfort above all else. Whether it’s a Super-Wide™ performance hull or a ProTrac™ V hull, you can be assured that your ride will be smooth and steady from the lowest drift to the highest speed.

Each Lowe boat is assembled using marine-grade polyurethane foam, which is injected in every seam and crevice to ensure the construction is rock solid. The foam locks together the lighter aluminum pieces, and the combination makes for an unsinkable vessel.

Angler’s Port Marine stocks over 75 pontoons, Deep Vs, and bass boats from Lowe so that when you’re ready to take it home, it’s available that day! Click below to see our fleet of Lowe boats. We have them in every shape, size, and color you can imagine.