Phoenix Boats

There's Nothing Like Flying in a Phoenix!


In your last boat, every bump and jolt felt like the thing was about to burst into flames. Bolts went flying and and your teeth rattled as the speedometer crept towards 60.

But now you've got a Phoenix and you’re doing 70 while your buddy still baits his hook. It's that smooth. Bass will jump right in your boat just to take a nap.

100% composite construction. A patented hull design. AME 5000 resins. Super-wide front and rear decks. A tank-tough engine that can take you to 70 mph.

There is nothing like flying in a Phoenix.

Phoenix Bass Boats began in 2008 when a group of lifelong bass boat experts bought a factory where they could finally build the boats they had dreamed about.

Each Phoenix model is designed with the serious bass fisher in mind. What other manufacturers only offer as add-ons, Phoenix offers standard. Nothing but the best gear means you’ll catch nothing but the best bass.

Are you ready to rule the lake? Find your Phoenix now.