Our Vendors

Phoenix Boats


These high performance boats are built by fishermen for fishermen and can be customized to your liking.

At Phoenix, they buy the best raw materials and components available. How are Phoenix boats different from other bass boat lines? They use high quality resins, knit-type fiberglass cloths, and Plexus brand adhesives to bond the stringer, Coosa Composite in their transom, and Trevira cloths for superior screw retention.

Before you choose a boat, you owe it to yourself to compare the complete package of quality materials, craftsmanship, fishability and performance. We believe it will be hard to find a better choice!

Come in and check out our large selection of Phoenix boats or build your boat by going to https://phoenixbassboats.com/build-my-phoenix/.

Boats: Lowe Boats
Lowe® Boats is located in the heart of the Ozarks where hand-worked craftmanship is renowned. Employing hi-tolerance CAD specifications, our craftsmen employ specific computer assisted deep-V construction and mod-V construction methods. The result is a masterpiece of fully-integrated design through construction technology we call SuperLock™ construction.
Outboard Motors: Mercury
Founded in 1939, Mercury has consistently emphasized and built quality, performance, innovation, and reliability into our marine products. Doing so results in Mercury engines that surpass industry standards and your expectations in terms of reliability, performance, and fuel economy. Every Mercury outboard is designed to ensure that your time on the water is safe, fun, and enjoyable.
Outboard Motors: Yamaha
When it's all riding on your outboard, you want maximum muscle. Outstanding throttle response. Instant acceleration. And unbeatable fuel efficiency and reliability. That's why Yamaha is your best investment.
Bass Boat Technologies
Bass Boat Technologies is dedicated to creating new innovations for mounting GPS/Sonar units to their Boat Consoles. They offer the finest and most rock-solid electronics mounts on the market, PERIOD. Owner Van Foster is dedicated to giving customers the ultimate product that stands the test of time, and incredible customer service. Angler's Port Marine can rig your boat, new or used, with these fine mounts.